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Images and vidoes of Fate, past, present and future

Fate has hosted many photo shoots, in 2008 Ralph Lauren shot their spring lineup on the bow while in St Johns, USVI. If you are looking for a unique location shoot, give us a call.

“Wonderful Sailing Cruise - Perfect for a Photo Shoot” - Abigail M. Charleston, SC

2016 Year in Review

A stellar year with over 360 private charters on Fate! Here are some of the best photos from many of our charters.

Incredible Images

In The Hands of Fate

In 2012 Fate was host to Oblique Magazines fashion photoshoot. The special was named "In The Hands of Fate" and took place on a beautiful early summer day. Photos by Abigail Marie NonPaReil Photography.

2014 Yacht Racing

A compilation of our yacht racing over the years with and without guests aboard. Most of the races are super calm in the harbor with light winds, but occasionaly we get some heavy stuff offshore.

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Yacht Racing

Sailing in Gale Force Winds

March 2012

Not your typical harbor cruise, we drove up to Wrightsville Beach to pick Fate up from her winter home that year. It rained the entire drive up and all that first day. Winds reached 60mph during the night, luckily from the North West so the waves never got big.

We normally do not sail in these conditions so please don't think your charter will be like this. But, if you are on an extended sail and the winds do pick up, it actually makes for a lot of fun if you enjoy sailing fast!

2012 Moonshine Video

Currently in the works is a music video by Joal Rush and Wingman Media Group featuring the sailing Yacht Fate.

Scheduled for completion early 2013, here is an incomplete preview of the video. The song was recorded live in one take on the bow of Fate.


Sailing - Charleston to Bahamas

Sailing South

Back in December 2007 Fate cruised to the Bahamas via Miami, it was a great trip and lasted over a month. The highlights are in this 30 minute video.

Similar trips are available if you wish, custom designed by you and the captain, see the extended sailing page for more information.

2012 Highlights

We have had an incredible year with over 140 amazing charters since March. Some of the sunsets we saw were indescribable and images can only convey the beauty. View the video slideshow of some of our best moments on Fate this year.

Captain Dustin is a professional photographer specializing in landscapes, sailing and proposals in Charleston and around the country.

For those extra special occasions, prints can be purchased online after the charter.

More about the Photography

2012 Image Highlights

"Twenty years from now you will be more disppointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.."

- Mark Twain